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1000 X Blessed© Multi-Purpose Therapeutic Spray Mist

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Multi-Purpose Therapeutic Spray Mist

Quantum Energized, Therapeutic Grade, Non-toxic, all natural Ingredients: Frankincense Oil, & other essential oils in a base of Aloe Vera Juice.
For more info or to order, call: 417-849-0109

The benefits of using Frankincense essential oil is well documented through countless centuries. The Multi-Purpose Therapeutic Spray Mist is a blend of therapeutic grade Frankincense essential oil with several other therapeutic grade, complimentary, synergistic essential oils. This delightful blend has developed into a surprising discovery. PLUS, it's Quantum Energized! Highly effective, yet gentle enough, and safe for children and pets!


Some of the effects that are being raved about by those who have applied it are:
  • “relaxing, calming”
  • “decreased inflammation”
  • “pain gone”
  • “decreased tremors from Parkinson’s”
  • “decreased symptoms of neuropathy”
  • “calmed itching”
  • “relieved headaches”
  • “cleared sinuses”
  • “opened up lungs”
  • “relieved constipation”
  • and on and on!
  For more information or to order, call Emmale at 417-849-0109 or email at 1000xblessedproducts@gmail.com or go to shopping cart .  
For more information on Frankincense, go to https://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/essential-oils/health-benefits-of-frankincense-essential-oil.html.
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