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1000 X Blessed© Nitey-Nite Spray Mist

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Nitey-Nite Spray Mist

Quantum Energized, 100% Therapeutic Grade, Non-toxic, all natural Ingredients: Pure Therapeutic Grade Lavender Essential Oil with other synergistic pure therapeutic grade essential oils in a base of Pure Aloe Vera Juice.
For more info or to order, call: 417-849-0109

Spray liberally on pillow or in air.


The benefits of using lavender essential oil as a relaxation aid is well documented through countless centuries. Among many other benefits is its ability to relax the body and cause one to fall into a blissful night's sleep.

The "1000 X Blessed©" "Nitey-Nite Spray Mist" is formulated in a blend of therapeutic grade Lavender essential oil with several other therapeutic grade, complimentary, synergistic essential oils. PLUS, it's Quantum Energized!
  For more information or to order, call Emmale at 417-849-0109 or email at 1000xblessedproducts@gmail.com or go to shopping cart.  
For more information on the benefits of using Lavender essential oil, visit
Energy in Motion The Natural Healing Center, LLC, Health & Wellness, Springfield, MO

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