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Angelic Intuitive Healing©

Welcome to Angelic Intuitive Healing©!!

Imagine what the world would be like if everyone knew how to help each other heal!

That is precisely the ultimate goal of this series of classes: To provide simple, yet powerful, forms of energetic healing which can easily be learned by anyone who has a desire to help themselves and others heal more quickly.


Divine Energy Being of Love Meditation

What is energetic healing?

First of all: It is ALL just energy! Everything is just energy. Whatever you see, touch, taste, hear, smell and sense are just energetic impressions that you have perceived.

When you shift your awareness to the Divine, you become consciously aware of your direct connection to the Divine. Your inner guidance is readily yours with a simple shift in your attention.

  • Connect to the Divine and you connect to Pure Love.
  • Connect to Pure Love and you connect to Perfection which IS Perfect Healing.
  • Love is the perfect vibration. There is no power greater.

This IS DivineLoveManifested!

We are created from great love. Therefore, we are beautiful beings of love.

We are created with all the tools we need to help heal ourselves and others.

This healing power within us IS love!

With a light touch (or no touch) and a loving intent, healing can be greatly accelerated. It's as simple as that.

Healing involves every part of who and what we are. We are much more than just a body. We are body/mind/and spirit. When one part is out of balance, the rest is out of balance. When one part begins to heal, the other parts also begin to heal!

This is Divine Love in Action!

The first class stands alone. It is designed to be available to everyone who has a desire to learn a technique that can help themselves and others heal more quickly. This one class will give you all you need to do exactly that!

It is about “Connecting to the Divine”, or rather becoming aware of the fact that the Divine is communicating with and working with YOU every single moment of your existence. Yes! YOU, personally! Knowing and understanding this basic principle sets you upon a healing journey that tops all healing journeys that you may have encountered thus far. (This class is required for those who wish to become a Certified Angelic Intuitive Healing© Practitioner.)

The second class has 2 levels. It is “Developing Your Intuition-Level I and Level II”, which will help guide you to a higher and higher level of understanding that YOU are intuitive! Your intuition can guide you in a gentle way through your life's ups and downs. Whether you recognize your abilities or not this workshop will help you to discover and to sharpen your intuitive skills. YOU can learn to tune into your inner guidance, utilize the information you receive, and stay energized and balanced as you do so. Instruction will also be given on how to use your intuition to help facilitate healing, body-mind-spirit, for yourself and others.

(This class stands alone and is designed for all who are interested in developing intuitive abilities and is the 2nd class required for those who wish to become a Certified Angelic Intuitive Healing© Practitioner.)

The third class is “Mastering Advanced Advance Techniques in Energetic Healing” and takes energetic healing to heights that will stretch you into magnificently expansive realms of extremely advanced techniques. This class is a required class for (and is open only to) those who are working on becoming a Certified Angelic Intuitive Healing© Practitioner. (Pre-requisites for this class are: completion of “Connecting to the Divine” and “Developing Your Intuition- Level I” classes, plus 50 or more hours of documented practice of those techniques.)

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