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From the “Forward” of "Radient Health and a Kinder Gentler World":

There can be little doubt that ObamaCare, well meaning though it may have been, has proved to be a disaster. For a while Emmale and I had subsidized coverage, briefly. Emmale paid $20 a month and I paid zero. It lasted for 4 months until the government decided that we weren’t ‘qualified’ for it. In the long term, that was actually a good thing, as I ended up with a tax bill for $600 the following year to pay for the four months of premiums. Apparently I was taxed on my subsidy even though my actual income was zero.

When our subsidy was cancelled, our rates went from $20 a month to $1,400+ a month. NOBODY can afford that! There are, of course, many reasons why health care cost are so insanely high but I suspect at the core that greed has a lot to do with it. The fundamental problem with health care insurance, as it exists now, is that it’s not about health care at all; it’s about disease management. While medical costs keep skyrocketing far faster than do other costs, as a country Americans are getting sicker and sicker.

Emmale and I have a somewhat different perspective on health care. Our philosophy is that the best insurance of all is to not get sick in the first place. An impossible goal? We don’t think so. However, for anyone who lives on the Standard American Diet full of meat, dairy, processed and fast food, sugar, flour, hydrogenated oil, high fructose corn syrup … essentially, a diet with food that our body is not designed to handle, yes, in such a case, sickness and disease are inevitable. While it’s a bold, even seemingly reckless, claim: The key to abundant health is to get off the Standard American Diet and eat real food that is actually nutritious. It involves three essential steps:

  1. Live on a diet that is 90%-95% vegan: fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouts.
  2. Avoid consuming foods and food-like substances that poison the body.
  3. Systematically fast, ideally one day a week and more often if possible.

And there are a few supporting strategies that go with this. Too, so the reader doesn’t think that I’m anti-medical care, my solution is to pay $39 a month for a primary care physician. He is very much supportive of all my healthy lifestyle practices but is there, more than anything, to make sure that no serious conditions develop. As of this writing I’m still on blood pressure medications, though that’s all—and I have every expectation that I will be able to get of these sooner rather than later. To be sure, the one universal constant is that you reap what you sow. From my own folly of living on a less than stellar diet in the past, I’ve developed two conditions I’m struggling with now: The high blood pressure issue and obesity. Of the latter, since starting on the program discussed in this book, I’ve lost a total of 22 pounds and am continuing to lose weight.

The bottom line, and I say often in my book, you are free to choose to eat whatever you want, but you are not free to avoid the consequences of those choices. The Standard American Diet has many consequences that are extremely negative. The primary driving force behind the insane cost of medical care is the disease brought on by unhealthy food choices. At the same time, the key to addressing the health care crisis is for people to eat a diet that is truly healthy and self healing, as nature intended. Hippocrates put it well: “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food.” He was absolutely correct.

For almost 33 years now I've been studying, researching, learning, and living nutrition. It started with a term paper in college and has continued ever since. In this document are links to the book that I've written on the subject titled " Radiant Health and a Kinder Gentler World".

Health is, essentially, a continuum. Everything we do, and especially the food we eat, will either move us in the direction of health and fitness or move us in the direction of sickness and disease. Many lifestyle habits—smoking and drinking come to mind—are seriously counter productive. Other habits like drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juice and exercise, are health supporting. The three pivotal steps that must be taken to develop radiant health are listed below, and I’m repeating what I said above.

  1. Live on a diet that is 90%-95% vegan: fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouts.
  2. Avoid consuming foods and food-like substances that poison the body.
  3. Systematically fast, ideally one day a week and more often if possible.

Of dietary choices, the following illustration makes the point abundantly clear. The more you follow a vegan diet, point 1 above, the closer you’ll move to toward abundant health and wellness. At the same time, the more unhealthy foods that you eat, point 2 above, the closer you’ll move toward disease and death. I really don’t think I can make the point any clearer. Such is the reality of the health continuum.

Below are the links to my book. For the entire Radiant Health and a Kinder Gentler World book, click on this link. Be aware that this a very large PDF file. The individual chapters are listed below.

  1. Part 1, Chapter 1: Human Life Span
  2. Part 1, Chapter 2: Overview of the Toxicless Diet, Body Purification and Healing System
  3. Part 1, Chapter 3: Moving Toward the Ride of Your Life
  4. Part 1, Chapter 4: The Essence of Disease
  5. Part 1, Chapter 5: The Choice is Yours
  6. Part 1, Chapter 6: The Body: Essentially a System of Pipes
  7. Part 1, Chapter 7: Getting Old is Inevitable; Aging is Optional
  8. Part 1, Chapter 8: Going Back to the Beginning
  9. Part 1, Chapter 9: Then Came Modern Farming Techniques and Commercial Food Processing
  10. Part 2, Chapter 10: The First Step-Rid Yourself from Toxic Foods and Detoxify
  11. Part 2: Chapter 11: Transitioning for Change
  12. Part 2, Chapter 12: Why Juice: The Ideal Transformation Diet
  13. Part 2, Chapter 13: The Invariable "Healing Crisis"
  14. Part 2, Chapter 14: Intermittent Fasting: Introduction to Cleansing the Body
  15. Part 2, Chapter 15: The Bottom Line: Getting and Keeping Toxins OUT of Your Body
  16. Part 3, Chapter 16: Supporting Lifestyle Habits
  17. Part 3, Chapter 17: Patience is a Virtue, or at Least an Annoying Necessity
  18. Part 3, Chapter 18: First Steps
  19. Part 3, Chapter 19: Obesity, Malnutrition, and Over Eating
  20. Part 3, Chapter 20: A Survey of Healthy Buying at your Local Grocery Store
  21. Part 3, Chapter 21: High and Low Energy Foods
  22. Part 3, Chapter 22: The Value of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar
  23. Part 3, Chapter 23: Systematic Fasting
  24. Part 3, Chapter 24: Juice Fasting-Introductory Path to Water Fasting
  25. Part 3, Chapter 25: Buying in Bulk
  26. Part 3, Chapter 26: The Importance of Exercise
  27. Part 3, Chapter 27: Breaking Bad Habits
  28. Part 3, Chapter 28: The Importance of Drinking Water
  29. Part 3, Chapter 29: The Amazing Properties of Lemon Water
  30. Part 3, Chapter 30: The Food Journal
  31. Part 3, Chapter 31: Life Simplification and Nerve Force
  32. Part 4, Chapter 32: Details and Reference Material: Health Trends, Toxic Products and Chemicals
  33. Part 4, Chapter 33: Five Disturbing Health Trends
  34. Part 4, Chapter 34: The True Cost of Living on a Standard American Diet
  35. Part 4, Chapter 35: Asparatame
  36. Part 4, Chapter 36: Hydrogenated Oil
  37. Part 4, Chapter 37: Trans Fat and Margarine
  38. Part 4, Chapter 38: Olestra, Palm and Cottonseed Oil
  39. Part 4, Chapter 39: Table Salt
  40. Part 4, Chapter 40: Caffeine and Cortisol
  41. Part 4, Chapter 41: Soft Drinks
  42. Part 4, Chapter 42: Fast Food, Especially Fried Fast Food
  43. Part 4, Chapter 43: Processed Sugar
  44. Part 4, Chapter 44: Stevia, an Actually Healthy Sweetener, Sort Of
  45. Part 4, Chapter 45: High Fructose Corn Syrup
  46. Part 4, Chapter 46: Processed Flour and Gluten
  47. Part 4, Chapter 47: Processed Snack Foods
  48. Part 4, Chapter 48: MSG
  49. Part 5, Chapter 49: Overview of Animal Products
  50. Part 5, Chapter 50: All God's Creatures
  51. Part 5, Chapter 51: Chickens
  52. Part 5, Chapter 52: Pigs (Pork)
  53. Part 5, Chapter 53: Cows
  54. Part 5, Chapter 54: Milk in Particular
  55. Part 5, Chapter 55: Meat Processing
  56. Part 5, Chapter 56: Eggs and Cholesterol
  57. Part 5, Chapter 57: Health Issues Related to Animal Products
  58. Part 6, Chapter 58: The Health Continuum and Tying It All Together
  59. Part 6, Chapter 59: Concluding Remarks

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