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Vendors at the 2017 Natural Healing Arts Fair

The following vendors have been confirmed for participating at the 2018 Natural Healing Arts Fair, August 17-19th, 2018

Energy in Motion

Emmale Judycki
Years Participated: 2015 2016 2017
Owner, Director of Services, Certified Quantum-Touch Level I & Level II Instructor; Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner, Angelic Intuitive Healing-Founder/Instructor, Natural Healing Arts Fair Co-coordinator.
P.O. Box 3444, Springfield, MO, 65808

[Presentation by: Emmale Judycki, Energy in Motion] Angelic Intuitive Healing: Developing Your Intuition.

Energy in Motion - Callings of the Spirit, the Art of Remembering

Cookie Wood
Years Participated: 2015 2016 2017
Natural Healing adviser/teacher/practitioner, author, native artist, NHAF coordinator. Healing jewelry, stones, salves, sessions, classes, native arts, NHAF booths, Pyramidal Crystal Activations, Native Spirituality, Events Coordinator, e-newsletter, advertising, medicine bags.
P.O. Box 3444, Springfield, MO, 65808

[Presentation by: Cookie Wood, Energy in Motion - Callings of the Spirit, the Art of Remembering] “Advanced Pyramidal Crystal Activation-Inside the Rock” This presentation is a yearly group meditation with a gemstone layout for experiential chakra alignment to clarify one’s destiny. This year we go inside the stones for an even deeper activation. Group participation. Bring personal stones for charging, if you choose.

Energy in Motion - “In the Image”

Eric Wood
Years Participated: 2015 2016 2017
Medical Intuitive-Balancing and Negativity Dispersing
Springfield, MO

Energy in Motion - The Peaceful Platter

Chris Griffith
Years Participated: 2015 2016 2017
Medical Intuitive, Chris is gifted Medical Intuitive, Life Coach, nutritional counselor, Energy Worker, empathy, clairvoyant, animal communicator, automatic writer, ghost whisperer and much more. Chris will have assorted Crystals, and other healing items. He will also have snacks and drinks. He will be doing a 15 minute session for $20. He is offering a personal one-on-one session that includes a Medical Intuitive Analysis, one ailment energy session, and a Personal Inner Message (If spirit chooses to offer one).
Springfield, MO

Energy in Motion - Native Creations

Jesse Hanafin
Years Participated: 2016 2017
AHHmazing Hands-on Healing Founder/Practitioner, Native Creation Art, Spiritual Adviser, web/game development, computer & A/V Tech., Ufolist, Ancient Knowledge Researcher, Intuitive, native healing artist, dream catchers, medicine bags, tree of life and jewelry.
With Morgan Cypher
AHHmazing Hands-on Healing, Native Creation Art
Springfield, MO


Connie McCoy
Years Participated: 2016 2017
Keeping your Organics fresher, for longer.
Springfield, MO

Greywolf Animal Spirit Readings

Janis Virant
Years Participated: 2017
Animal and Geronimo Readings
Lansing, KS
913-727-5195; 913-683-8532

Ayurveda Sadhana Vidyalaya, ReDe for Wellness

Ren Wilson
Years Participated: 2017
Food, lifestyle behaviors and plants to prevent illness and to maintain health & wellness.
Ayurved Sadhana Vidyalaya school and health & wellness coaching.
Branson, MO, 65616
skype: renae.wilson3; facebook: ren wilson/rede for wellness (https://www.facebook.com/redeforwellness/?ref=br_rs)

[Presentation by: Ren Wilson, Ayurveda Sadhana Vidyalaya, ReDe for Wellness] “A Brief Outline, AYURVEDA” What is Ayurveda, Ancient system of Prevention and understanding of Life and Humanity.

Holistic Wellness

Stacy Rust
Years Participated: 2017
Stacy helps women with their relationships and emotions by using a mind/body approach. She coaches women on how to better themselves and their lives using methods that are simple yet effective.
Springfield, MO
http://stacyrusthealthcoach.com/; fb.com/stacyrusthealthcoach (https://www.facebook.com/stacyrusthealthcoach/)

[Presentation by: Stacy Rust, Holistic Wellness] “Healing Your Body for Holistic Health” which will focus on healing our bodies through balancing our blood sugar.

A Well of Life

Dr. Peter Jurkovskis
Years Participated: 2015 2016 2017
Springfield, MO

Herbal Works; Nature’s Sunshine

Judy Kloster, Shanda Kloster
Years Participated: 2016 2017
1100 Spur Dr. #20, Marshfield, MO, 65807
417-859-1998; 417-849-7774

Reliv International

Jyoti Ishaya, Independent Distributor
Years Participated: 2017
Complete Healthy Weight Loss Program and Simple Complete Nutrition, and a revolutionary product that deactivates inflammation through a natural food substance. Natural alternatives programs for diabetes, any dis-eases that cause inflammatory pain. 10 patented solutions that are non-GMO, high grade nutrition.
St. James, MO

Perfectly Posh-Fit Team

Robin Hilton
Years Participated: 2017
Clean natural products to pamper from head to toe. Natural Energy & Fat Loss
Springfield, MO, 65807

Jordan Essentials

Michelle Troxler
Years Participated: 2015 2016 2017
Magnesium lotion & healing benefits, bath, body products, essential oils, mineral makeup, hand spas with salt scrubs and magnesium for muscle pain.
Ozark, MO

She Wolfe, Paulette Wolfe; Drum Massage with Lyne Paulsen

Years Participated: 2017
Pauletta will be available from 1-3 pm, and longer if her signup sheet gets fuller on Saturday August 19, 2017 for drum massages. Signup sheet at her booth.
Hand made soaps, leather crafts, hand made jewelry and stones, world instruments and drum massage.
Springfield, MO, 65803
417-739-3336 (home); 630-207-3296 (parrot rescue); 417-833-2783; 417-459-7020

Howling Winds Wellness

Jeyd Automwolf
Years Participated: 2017
Tuning forks therapy. Reiki and Quantum-Touch-Bringing mind, body and spirit into harmonic balance; as well as providing relaxation, mental clarity and stress reduction.
http://www.oraclestarsong.com; facebook: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=oraclesong

Oracle Starsong; ReGenisis Energy Healing

Sephira Starsong; Clou Starsong
Years Participated: 2016 2017
Channeled Oracle/skull messages, akashic records, past life, starseed readings.
Huggins, MO, 65484
http://www.oraclestarsong.com; facebook: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=oraclesong

Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc.

Nancy Vernon
Years Participated: 2016 2017
New Age / Metaphysical, Spiritual Books.
PO Box 754, Huntsville, AR, 72740
479-738-2348; 1-800-935-0045

LMS, Leann’s Massage Shop, LLC

Leann Brainerd, Licensed Massage Therapist; with Brittany Greer, Jonathan Mahoney, Becky Stephensen & David Brainerd
Years Participated: 2016 2017
Massage therapy,(different modalities of massage: Neuromuscular, Trigger point, Deep Tissue, sports, hot stone, prenatal, reflexology, Swedish Relaxation, cupping, Guasha and aromatherapy.
5337 S. Campbell Ave, Suite H, Springfield, MO, 65810
http://leannsmassageshop.webs.com/; https://www.facebook.com/leannsmassage/

Sticks & Stones

Billee Dommell & David Jordan
Years Participated: 2017
Rocks, minerals and fossils, sterling silver jewelry. Four 10’ x 10’ booths of stone jewelry, incense, Astrology & Native American items!
Lancaster, PA

Bee Soft and Natural

Robert Wade
Years Participated: 2015 2016 2017
All Natural creams, lotion and beeswax candles.
1539 E 380th, Bolivar, MO, 65613

Amy Savvenas

Years Participated: 2017
Reiki Healing, O’pa Toothbar-natural tooth soap, Color Therapy
Springfield, MO, 65804

O’pa Box/Reiki Healer, “Chakra Color Therapy” Color healing for the Mind, Body and Soul.

Attune to Wellness, LLC

Amy Cheng-whittaker
Years Participated: 2017
AromaTouch Therapy, Reiki, Yoga and Nutritional Wellness. Supporting a person’s natural ability to heal with energy work, essential oils, nutrition and yoga.
Marshfield, MO, 65706


Natalie Scheuber
Years Participated: 2017
Women’s Clothing - helping the outside match the inside beauty.
Republic, MO, 65738

Heart Hands Reiki

Jessica G. Hart
Years Participated: 2017
Reiki Master, teacher and Transformational Life Coach.
Springfield, MO


Lisa Andrews
Years Participated: 2017
Natural Healing of body, mind, and/or spirit of people, creatures, plants, Mother Earth, etc. by promoting healthy living.
Polk, MO

Pink Zebra

Ashtin O'Conner
Years Participated: 2017
Nixa, MO, 65714


Pam Cummins
Years Participated: 2017
Brighton, MO, 65617

Healing Sole Reflexology

Ann Seigel, Certified Reflexologist
Years Participated: 2017
Mind, Body, Spirit through foot and hand reflexology. Reflexology promotes well being of mind, body and spirit through stimulatory reflex areas on the feet/hands associated to all body systems.

Mystic Forest

Frank Slagle; Joan Miller
Years Participated: 2015 2016 2017
Books, tarot, jewelry, music, crystals, drums, candles, incense, pewter, Smokey Mt Trolls and Astrological Charts. “Unique Gifts For Unique People”.
Mountain Home, AR, 72633

The Self Discovery Center

Tracy Terrill
Years Participated: 2015 2016 2017
Info on holistic and meditative way of life classes and workshops. Meditation Center and School teaching Meditation, Dream Interpretation, concentration and many other subjects.
837 S. Ferguson Ave., Springfield, MO, 65807

DoTerra Essential Oils

Shelly Cox
Years Participated: 2017
Essential Oils.
Pierce City, MO, 65723

Mitchell Chiropractic & Rehab

Brenda Kampa, Halie Brandwein
Years Participated: 2017
Chiropractic, healing the body the natural way.
3952 S Fairview Ave., Springfield, MO
417-885-9078 (office)

Mary Kay

Sarah McElfresh
Years Participated: 2017
Healthy skin care. Drawing for a gift basket.
Cedarcreek, MO

Messages of Light

Amanda Dowell
Years Participated: 2016 2017
Professional psychic, healer, mediumship, pet communication, crossed over loved ones, guides, angels and animals, house blessings, singing bowl sessions, spiritual healing & other modalities. She also has a radio show on blogtalkradio every Monday 11 am CST called Messages of Light and has read many people in the US and all over the world and also celebrities. She will be doing angel and animal card readings and also blending natural essential oils based on your energy at the fair.
Route 6 Box 8583, Ava, MO, 65608
https://www.facebook.com/amanda.dowel; http://amandadowelpsychic-healer.com/index.html

DoTerra; Holistic Pathways

LouAnn Pawlak; Holly Royster; Valerie Butler; Leesa Robinson
Years Participated: 2017
Giving the body what it needs to help heal on a physical & emotional level with the knowledge of how essential oil can help heal.
Carthage, MO
417-359-6733 (LouAnn); 417-359-6089 (Holly); 417-793-6488 (Valerie); 417-793-0140 (Leesa)
pawlakla@yahoo.com (LouAnn); hroyster@suddenlink.net (Holly); roxygirl2112@yahoo.com (Valerie); wholisticpathways@wholisticpathways@live.com (Leesa)

[Presentation by: LouAnn Pawlak, DoTerra, Holistic Pathways] To Be Announced.

EFT and Chakras

Jana Houston; Verna Hopkins
Years Participated: 2017
Experience the Emotional Freedom Technique and Chakra Balance.
314-325-6212 (Jana); 618-980-4304 (Verna)
janahoustonyl@gmail.com (Jana); vernamh@hotmail.com (Verna)

Young Living Essential Oils

Susan Knapp; Darlene Houston; Jana Houston; Sandy Rausch
Years Participated: 2017
Ways to help promote, maintain, and support wellness for your entire family.
Springfield, MO
417-862-6067 (Susan); 314-681-5096 (Darlene); 314-325-6212 (Jana); 618-304-2466 (Sandy)
susanyleo@yahoo.com (Susan); tlkgwyou@gmail.com (Darlene); janahoustonyl@gmail.com (Jana); rausch@hta.net (Sandy)

Creative Mind Happy Soul

Tiffany Sand
Years Participated: 2017
Healing through Intuitive Art and Wearable Art.
Fair Grove, MO
417-319 6390

Oneness Now, LLC

Lisa Ziebell
Years Participated: 2017
Shamanic Practitioner services, Earthkeeper & Intentional candles.
Springfield, MO

Chris Goin Therapies

Chris Goin
Years Participated: 2017
Crystals, crystal jewelry, dowsing rods and books.
Gravois Mills, MO, 65037

[Presentation by: Chris Goin, Chris Goin Therapies] “Dowsing To Heal Body, Home & Earth” The unlimited possibilities communicating with spirits through the rods.

Ira Goodman, Ph.D.

Years Participated: 2017
Bringing personal insights connection with the departed and Divine healing light.
PO Box 108, Mountianburg, AR, 72946

[Presentation by: Ira Goodman, Ph.D.] “Gallery Read” Quick reads on attendees for psychic physical insights or contacts with the departed.

Malinda Ring

Years Participated: 2017
She brings Divine Love to heal and restore you. She brings through higher vibrational Light from Source through her open heart. Where her attention goes the healing energy flows. Quartz crystal items dug from the Coleman mine in Hot Springs will also be offered for sale.


Nicole & Brian Hauff
Years Participated: 2017
Clean living environmentally friendly products
Ozark, MO
417-861-6873 (Nicole); 417-861-6874 (Brian)

[Presentation by: Nicole & Brian Hauff, MODERE] “Clean Living Environmentally Friendly Life.”

Wisdom’s Peace Wellness Resources

Barbara D. Wood
Years Participated: 2017
Life coaching.
Sedalia, MO, 65301

[Presentation by: Barbara D. Wood, Wisdom’s Peace Wellness Resources] “Journaling for Parents: WRAP your Child in Hope” Using the Wellness Recovery Action Plan and other journaling tools as a family. (WRAP is an evidence-based method of mental well-being produced by Copeland Center.)

School of Metaphysics

Brian Hoover, Director
Years Participated: 2016 2017
Books about dreams, other metaphysical reading material.
1033 E Sunshine Street, Springfield, MO, 65807
417-831-0955 (school); 417-827-6286 (Mike)

[Presentation by: Brian Hoover, Director, School of Metaphysics] “How to be a Master of your Consciousness.” How to master the mind.


Mary J. L. Rowe with Rebecca Anglin, Independent Distributors
Years Participated: 2017
Medicinal mushroom products. Offering Free coffee and tea samples at their booth.
Richland, MO
573-528-6559 (Mary); 573-836-1197 (Rebecca)

[Presentation by: Mary J. L. Rowe with Rebecca Anglin, Independent Distributors, ALPHAY] “Medicinal Mushrooms”, A growing global awareness in the power of Medicinal Mushrooms.

Crossroads Creative Life Coaching

Gerrie-Ellen Johnston
Years Participated: 2017
Mini-coaching sessions.
Joplin, MO

[Presentation by: Gerrie-Ellen Johnston, Crossroads Creative Life Coaching] “How My Spiritual Recovery Changed My Life” Recovery and eliminating stress.

Sage Studio Yoga and Wellness

Shane Knox
Years Participated: 2017
Aura clearings, massage, Reiki, shamanic healing techniques and demonstrations.
5133 S. Campbell, Springfield, MO

[Presentation by: Shane Knox, Sage Studio Yoga and Wellness] “Overview of the Chakras”.

Lincoln B. Justice

Years Participated: 2015 2017
Series of short videos on “truth about cancer” and “vaccinations” and “breakthroughs in new healing technologies”.
Seymour, MO, 65746-8794
417 935-5552
www.abundantkindom.com (Invalid)

Giggle Box Project, Inc. 501c3

Susan Dempsey, Director
Years Participated: 2015 2016 2017
The Giggle Box Project is a local Non-profit whose mission is to “Reawaken the life-giving power of Joy, through Laughter and Play.” We serve our community, the seriously ill children and the families that go through the Child Advocacy Center locally, by bringing them the opportunity to choose a deliberate joy-filled, life-giving perspective and change their focus toward a positive outcome thru the donation of Giggleboxes and our community-wide events.
701 S. Kentwood Ave., Springfield, MO, 65802
http://www.giggleboxes.org/; https://www.facebook.com/thegiggleboxproject/

The Vibrant Wellness Foundation, 501c3

Clint Raymond Willett, Founder & Executive Director
Years Participated: 2017
501c3 Fund-raiser Information: Far Infrared Portable Saunas & Biomats.
As the Founder & Executive Director of these Non-Profits, I am most pleased to share with you that 95 % of our donations directly support families with Stage 4 Cancer, Childhood Terminal Illness, and Autism, for these families who have applied for foreclosure.
St. Louis, MO

New Creations by Sandra; Readings by Sandra

Sandra Hamman Gosslar, Tarot Reader
Years Participated: 2017
Naturally intuitive, Sandra has been reading since the age of 12. She uses the gifts of psychometry (getting information from personal objects), clairvoyance (”clear” seeing), empathy & clairaudience (”clear” hearing). Her favorite deck to use is “Tarot of the Cat People”, but she frequently uses others. The cards are used as a focus and are not necessarily read in a “traditional” way. Instead, they are filtered through her other intuitive gifts. She says, “A screen often appears showing pictures of the past, present, and future, both around the client and each of the cards I am reading. Sometimes, deceased loved ones may show up to share a message.”

Beyond the Circle Dancers; Native American Dance Performers and Artists

Randy Falcon & Family
Years Participated: 2015 2016 2017
Traditional Native American Drums, Dancing, arts and crafts.
Springfield, MO

[Presentation by: Randy Falcon & Family, Beyond the Circle Dancers, Native American Dance Performers and Artists] Traditional Native American drumming, dancing, stories.
[Presentation by: Valerie Falcon] “Woman’s Regalia” Traditional Native American Dance clothing.

Bemer Microcirculation Device

Starlyn Alexander, Tina Peck, Dele Kansas
Years Participated: 2017
Medical device for circulation, oxygenated device.
Fair Grove, MO
417-839-5850 (Starlyn); 417-848-9737 (Tina)

[Presentation by: Starlyn Alexander, Bemer Microcirculation Device] To Be Announced.

Emotional Code

Rebecca Barnett
Years Participated: 2017
Expediting the release of trapped emotions from the past using our electro-magnetic field. Sample sessions and promotional rates.
Billings, MO

Essential Health and Empowerment

Julie Thompson
Years Participated: 2017
Springfield, MO

[Presentation by: Julie Thompson, Essential Health and Empowerment] “Essential Health and Empowerment”. Utilizing the healing powers of essential oils.

Wholistic Awakenings

Kristen Earl
Years Participated: 2016 2017
Toe Reading.
Oldfield, MO, 65720

[Presentation by: Kristen Earl, Wholistic Awakenings] “The Art of Toe Reading”. What Toe Reading is and how it is beneficial.

Chris’s Glimmer & Gloss, Lipsense

Chris & Sarah Maggard
Years Participated: 2017
Our LipSense products positively the lives of women and their families worldwide. Products are not tested on animals. And the company makes contributions to local charities. Long-lasting cosmetics and anti-aging skin care products.
Springfield, MO

Green Dog Remedies

Jodie Shaffer
Years Participated: 2017
Natural herbal animals products.
Leavenworth, KS

Golden Light Rainbow

Yvonne Washington, B.S.
Years Participated: 2017
Spiritual Counselor, Psychic, Medium, Channeler, Healing Intuitive, Medical Intuitive, Card Reader, Minister, Shaman, Reiki Master, Astrologer, Numerologist, LMT, Hypnotist (QHHT), +++++ much more.
Houston, TX

[Presentation by: Yvonne Washington, B.S., Golden Light Rainbow] “Spiritual Symbolism”. How Spirit speaks to us in many ways.

Plant Spirit Botanical Company

Aubree Sanders & Brad Brasser
Years Participated: 2015 2017
Herbs, soaps and Essential oils.
3448 RR 1, Ava, MO

[Presentation by: Aubree Sanders, Plant Spirit Botanical Company] “Essential Oils for Health and Home”. How to use Essential Oils to increase your well being and to create a healthier home.

Graceworks with Spirit, Inc.

Grace Jaeger, Purveyor of Metaphysical Services
Years Participated: 2017
Offering Mediumship connections, psychic readings and animal communication.
Branson, MO

[Presentation by: Grace Jaeger, Purveyor of Metaphysical Services, Graceworks with Spirit, Inc.] “Finding Your Joy”. What is joy and why would you want to find it? Finding joy is a very personal journey. As a self-appointed Gratitude Ambassador, Grace Jaeger will present her ideas on how to begin (or continue) navigating your own joyful journey. Come prepared to share joy in the learning!

Mother’s Natural Vibes

Tessa Burton
Years Participated: 2017
Chakra alignment, healing, astrology oils with crystals and much more handmade items. Promoting awareness and higher vibrational field that helps cleanse and balance all 4 planes-emotionally, physically and mentally.
PO Box 81, Imboden, AR, 72434

Recharge Your Life

Robin Ball
Years Participated: 2017
Helping people reach their optimal state of being by using holistic and alternative approach to healthcare with Biomeridian Testing, homeopathic herbals and nutritional recommendations as well as nutritional and life skill coaching.
Forsyth, MO
http://robinballdesigns.com/; http://rechargeyourlifetoday.com/

Universal Vibra Wear

Tina Menard, MA, LNT, CEO
Years Participated: 2017
Neuromuscular re-education to prevent diabetic ulcers, comforts neuropathy and abolishs plantar fascitis.
St. Genevieve, MO

[Presentation by: Tina Menard, MA, LNT, CEO, Universal Vibra Wear] Universal Vibra Wear: “Diabetic War Feet First”. The impact of vibration and drugless prevention. Neuromuscular re-education to prevent diabetic ulcers, comforts neuropathy and abolish plantar fascitis.

Ozark Reachout

Andy Sun, Founding Director
Years Participated: 2017
Growing a unified community. Ozarks Reach Out is a diverse, non-partisan coalition of volunteers connecting community members with non-profit organizations. We believe that everyone has something they can contribute to improve our area and the lives of the people within.
Springfield, MO

Dr. Ron Logan

Ron & Honey Logan
Years Participated: 2017
Ron Logan has been an active Natural Health Consultant with specialties in Iridology, Herbology and Reflexology for over 30 years. Today, he is both nationally and internationally recognized for his work in Iridology and as a Master Herbologist.
Kansas City, MO

Holistic Alternative Health Explorers, Hidow Midwest

John Turner
Years Participated: 2017
Electric Muscle Stimulators. Our group helps people to have a better understanding of our health and the
nature of reality. The product we offer provides a safe alternative to medicine to provide pain relief and
performance enhancement (EMS).
Springfield, MO

[Presentation by: John Turner, Holistic Alternative Health Explorers, Hidow Midwest] I will discuss the medical mafia and how we live in a
holographic reality. How infinite love is-the only truth and everything else is illusion.

Eckankar of Springfield

Sue Heithaus, Jack Heninger
Years Participated: 2015 2016 2017
Learn more about your true spiritual nature, and experience greater divine love.
1722 S Glenstone Avenue, Suite J Room C, Springfield, MO, 65804

[Presentation by: Lori Benham and Laura Benham, Eckankar of Springfield] Spiritual Wisdom on Solving Problems.

Shrine Mosque

Wes Joy
Years Participated: 2017
Providing food and refreshments.
601 E. St. Louis St., Springfield, MO

University of Nemenhah’s Spirit Wind Natural Healing Service

Dr. Phillip "Cloudpiler" Landis, Jonathan "Wellamotkin" Landis
Years Participated: 2017
Education and free Physiopathic Assessments for pain and structural realignment. Providing effective natural treatments, medicines, guidance, counsel, Personal/Family Natural Healthcare Plans, and education in Natural Healing through which individuals and families may reclaim their sacred health and vitality.
6915 S. 1875th Rd., Humansville, MO, 65674
info@nemenhah.org; info@nemlandis.com

Crossroads Collectives; Cultural Gifts Store

Years Participated: 2017
We are purveyors of the Unusual. Since 1999 we have been a trusted resource of Meditational and Metaphysical Supplies for the discerning.
Tulsa, OK

Health Education, Inc.; Dr. Joel Wallach's Plant Derived Minerals

Sue Heithaus
Years Participated: 2017
Plant derived minerals create the basis on energy.
535 W Battlefield, Springfield, MO

Soul Quest

Sylvia Val
Years Participated: 2017
Animal Guide, Tarot & Oracle Readings.
Kansas City

[Presentation by: Sylvia Val, Soul Quest] “Connecting with your Animal Guides” - Different methods to connect you to your animal guides on this plane.

A Pathway to Healing - A Nemenhah Traditional Healing Center

David Schnelle, Jonathan “Wellamotkin” Landis, Rhonda Cavin, Julie Crowe
Years Participated: 2016 2017
Fascial Release in Healing” to remove restrictions that prevent healing.
1950 S. Glenstone, Ste. F, Springfield, MO


Martha Louderback with Mandy Spurlock, Dawn Perkins, Lisa Hall, Shannon Mcfarland, Misty Pentecost, Sharon Faseler, Sherri Gentzke-zinke
Years Participated: 2015 2017
Providing pure, safe, and beneficial products for people, which promotes healing from the inside out.
Nixa, MO

[Presentation by: Martha Louderback, Arbonne] “Healing From the Inside Out”. What your gut is telling you through your body.

Art to Wear

Norma Judah, Grover Pickel, Jewel Chesler
Years Participated: 2017
Goddess Wear line of clothing. Free color reading with purchase!
Branson, MO

Young Living

Susan Trausch
Years Participated: 2017
Shell Knob, MO

Corliss Jean Crabtree

Years Participated: 2017
Tarot Reading
Springfield, MO
210-426- 6375

Mark Barger

Vocal and guitar entertainment.
Springfield, MO
https://www.reverbnation.com/markbarger; twitter: @markbarger101; www.facebook.com/markbargermusic/

Energy in Motion The Natural Healing Center, LLC, Health & Wellness, Springfield, MO

Emmale sells Standard Process. Check out these awesome products at www.standardprocess.com.

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