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Vendors at the 2018 Natural Healing Arts Fair

The following vendors have been confirmed for participating at the 2018 Natural Healing Arts Fair, August 17-19th, 2018

2018/2019 Natural Healing Entrepreneur Resource Guide

Energy in Motion is a locally owned business founded in September 2005 and is currently located in Springfield, MO.
We delight in presenting the Natural Healing Arts Fair each year. We want to thank you for supporting our cause.

Our goal is, and always has been, to provide opportunities (on an on-going basis) for the general public to experience and to learn about a variety of natural ways to help promote and create optimal health and wellness for the body-mind-spirit of individuals and of our community, as well as our world.

We encourage each and every one of you to educate yourself thoroughly in the countless approaches to self-care available. Then choose, and customize, what is right for YOU as the beautiful, unique creation that you are.

Your healing journey begins NOW. Enjoy the new explorations that await you!

1000 Blessings of Love and Light to You Always!
Emmale Judycki and
Cookie Wood
Co-coordinators of the NHAF (AND Energy in Motion)

Energy in Motion

Emmale Judycki, RN, BSN
Owner, Director of Services, Certified Quantum-Touch Level I & Level II Instructor and Practitioner, Angelic Intuitive Healing-Founder/Instructor, Natural Healing Arts Fair Co-coordinator. 1000X Blessed Super Strength Pain Relief ointment.
P.O. Box 3444, Springfield, MO, 65808

[Presentation by: Emmale Judycki, Energy in Motion] “Conscious Creators” Learn to live your life on purpose!
and “Chronic Illness: Fact or Fiction?” What you can do about it!

Energy in Motion, Callings of the Spirit-The Art of Remembering

Cookie Wood
Natural Healing adviser/teacher/practitioner, author, native artist, NHAF coordinator. Healing jewelry, stones, salves, sessions, classes, native arts, NHAF booths, Pyramidal Crystal Activations, Native Spirituality, Events Coordinator, e-newsletter, advertising, medicine bags.
P.O. Box 3444, Springfield, MO, 65808

[Presentation by: Cookie Wood, Energy in Motion, Callings of the Spirit - the Art of Remembering] “Advanced Pyramidal Crystal Activation-Inside the Rock” This presentation is a yearly group meditation with a gemstone layout for experiential chakra alignment to clarify one’s destiny. This year we go inside the stones for an even deeper activation. Group participation. Bring personal stones for charging, if you choose.

Energy in Motion, Chris Griffith

Medical Intuitive, with his son, Chris Griffith, Intern
Handcrafted jewelry, essential oil diffuser jewelry, handmade coin rings, gemstones and his own aurogel jewelry line. Harry Potter magic wands (Complete with an animatronic Sorting Hat to figure out which school at Hogwarts each student belongs. (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin.), Hogwart coins, and related Harry Potter themed items. Snacks and drinks for the fair for $1. He will also be doing sessions on sight as time permits and offering discounted after fair visits for people to get a more in depth session.
Springfield, MO

Energy in Motion, "In The Image"

Eric Wood, MSPM
Medical Intuitive-Balancing and Negativity Dispersing
Springfield, MO

[Presentation by: Eric Wood, MSPM, Energy in Motion - “In the Image”] “Manifesting Dreams”

Energy in Motion, Native Creations

Jesse Hanafin, Morgan Cypher
AHHmazing Hands-on Healing Founder/Practitioner, Native Creation Art, Spiritual Adviser, web/game development, computer & A/V Tech., Ufolist, Ancient Knowledge Researcher, Intuitive, native healing artist, dream catchers, medicine bags, tree of life and jewelry.
with Morgan Cypher
AHHmazing Hands-on Healing, Native Creation Art
Springfield, MO


Connie McCoy
Keeping your Organics fresher, for longer.
Springfield, MO

Beyond the Circle Dancers; Native American Dance Performers and Artists

Randy Falcon & Family
Traditional Native American Drums, Dancing, arts and crafts.
Springfield, MO

[Presentation by: Randy Falcon & Family, Beyond the Circle Dancers] Traditional Native American drumming, dancing, stories.

Quilt Project, Father Joseph

Loretta Deluca
Sponsered by Oden Reiki, Loretta Deluca.

Universal Vibrawear

Tina Menard, MA, LNT, CEO
Neuromuscular re-education to prevent diabetic ulcers, comforts neuropathy and abolishes plantar fascitis.
St. Genevieve, MO

[Universal Vibra Wear, Tina Menard, MA, LNT, CEO] “Diabetic War Feet First” The impact of vibration and drugless prevention. Neuromuscular re-education to prevent diabetic ulcers, comforts neuropathy and abolish plantar fascitis.

Emotional Code

Rebecca Barnett
Expediting the release of trapped emotions from the past using our electro-magnetic field. Sample sessions and promotional rates.
Billings, MO

A Well of Life

Dr. Peter Jurkovskis
Springfield, MO

[Presentation by: Dr. Peter Jurkovskis, A Well of Life] “Expect a Miracle! Avoid Disasters!”

Leann’s Massage Shop, LLC

Leann Brainerd, LMS; with Brittany Greer, Jonathan Mahoney, Becky Stephensen & David Brainerd
Massage therapy, different modalities of massage: Neuromuscular, Trigger point, Deep Tissue, sports, hot stone, prenatal, reflexology, Swedish Relaxation, cupping, Guasha and aromatherapy.
5337 S. Campbell Ave, Suite H, Springfield, MO, 65810
http://leannsmassageshop.webs.com/; https://www.facebook.com/leannsmassage/

Recharge Your Life Today

Robin Ball
Recharge Your Life Today is Customized Health Care at its BEST! We help people like you maintain or reach an optimal state of being. If you’re tired of feeling sick and tired and you want to be healthy every decade of your life…we can help! How? By using a unique holistic and alternative approach to healthcare. Stop by our booth to find out more or go to our website: www.rechargeyourlifetoday.com
Add color, care and a catch to your life! robinballdesigns.com activelifecreme.com rechargeyourlifetoday.com dikbait.com.
Office Locations: Forsyth and Springfield, MO

Perfectly Posh-Fit Team

Robin Hilton
Clean natural products to pamper from head to toe. Natural Energy & Fat Loss.
Springfield, MO, 65807

Soundshaman Flutes

Richard Schrei
Booth sponsored by Sephira Starsong.
Meditation and handcrafted Native American style wood & bamboo Healing flutes & music
Drury, MO
richardschrei@gmail.com, soundshamanflutes@soundshaman.comsoundshamanflutes@soundshaman.com
http://www.oraclesong.com/; facebook: http://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=oraclesong

Jordan Essentials

Michelle Troxler
Magnesium lotion & healing benefits, bath, body products, essential oils, mineral makeup, hand spas with salt scrubs and magnesium for muscle pain.
Ozark, MO, 65721

Galactic Kids

Lincoln B. Justice
Our Galactic Family confirmed 9/24/17.
Seymour, MO, 65746-8794
417 935-5552
Disclosing Hidden Truth www.AbundantKINdom.com

Giggle Box Project, Inc. 501c3

Susan Dempsey, Director
The Giggle Box Project is a local Non-profit whose mission is to “Reawaken the life-giving power of Joy, through Laughter and Play.” We serve our community, the seriously ill children and the families that go through the Child Advocacy Center locally, by bringing them the opportunity to choose a deliberate joy-filled, life-giving perspective and change their focus toward a positive outcome thru the donation of Giggleboxes and our community-wide events.
701 S. Kentwood Ave., Springfield, MO, 65802
http://www.giggleboxes.org/; https://www.facebook.com/thegiggleboxproject/

The Self Discovery Center

Tracy Terrill
Info on holistic and meditative way of life classes and workshops. Meditation Center and School teaching Meditation, Dream Interpretation, concentration and many other subjects.
With Discover Orgonite Store & More, Goey Smith, 837 S Ferguson Ave., Springfield, MO 65806, 417-894-2577,
Providing Orgonite products to help protect you and your home from harmful EMF and other pollutants. Jewelry, Pyramids, Spheres, Skulls, and more. ¶
837 S. Ferguson Avenue, Springfield, MO, 65806

Messages of Light

Amanda Dowell
Professional psychic, healer, mediumship , pet communication, crossed over loved ones, guides, angels and animals, house blessings, singing bowl sessions, spiritual healing & other modalities. She also has a radio show on blogtalkradio every Monday 11 am CST called Messages of Light and has read many people in the US and all over the world and also celebrities. She will be doing angel and animal card readings and also blending natural essential oils based on your energy at the fair.
Route 6 Box 8583, Ava, MO, 65608
https://www.facebook.com/amanda.dowel; www.AmandaDowelpsychic-healer.com

Ira Goodman, Ph.D.

Bringing personal insights connection with the departed and Divine healing light. With Malinda Ring, withloveandgrace@mail.com. She brings Divine Love to heal and restore you. She brings through higher vibrational Light from Source through her open heart. Where her attention goes the healing energy flows. Quartz crystal items dug from the Coleman mine in Hot Springs will also be offered for sale.
PO Box 108, Mountianburg, AR, 72946

[Presentation by: Ira Goodman, Ph.D.] “Gallery Read” Quick reads on attendees for psychic physical insights or contacts with the departed.

Young Living Oils

Denise Rapp and Jeanette Redick
Sponsored by Meredith Anderson.
Aurora and Dadeville, MO
417-207-0287; 417-207-6049
drappessentialoiler@gmail.com; jeanette.redick@gmail.com

Mark Allen

Spiritual Messenger, Life Path Advisor and a refreshing, metal artist.

Reconnect to Health, Reconnective Healing

Sharon Johnson
Reconnective Healing mini session 5-min./$5.
1722 S. Glenstone, Suite RR, Springfield, MO

[Presentation by: Sharon Johnson, Reconnective Healing & Clutter-Free] “Reconnect To Your True Essence”

Mitchell Chiropractic & Rehab

Brenda Kampa
FREE spinal screenings.
3952 S Fairview Ave., Springfield, MO
417-885-9078 (office)

Lyne Jewelry Designs & Parrot Rescue

Lyne Paulsen, Sandra Van Dee, Pauletta Wolfe
Handcrafted jewelry, healing crystals, rhythm instruments, singing bowls and Spirit paintings. Drum Healing with Pauletta Wolfe.


Our highly trained Neuro Therapists operate both in and out of the clinical environment with patented ARP Wave Technology. This means that we can perform the same quality service in the comfort of your own home. We offer an alternative to using opioids or pain medications, and in many cases an alternative to surgery as well. Operating in Arkansas and Missouri, United States.
Bella Vista, AR

Anita's Body Connection

Anita Brooks
Love & Light.
St. Joseph, MO

Lularue; LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant

Leslie Barton
Where Fashion meets Comfort! Join my LuLaRoe VIP Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/LuLaRoeLeslieBarton/.

[Presentation by: Leslie Barton, Lularue, LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant] Lularue, Fashion show.

Alphy International, Medicinal Mushrooms

Mary Rowe, Cory Whittaker, Rebekah Anglin
We create products that reflect the perfect harmony found in nature. Enjoy the unmatched benefits of Lingzhi, a one-of-a-kind mushroom revered in traditional Chinese medicine and proven through modern research. Radiate energy. Live with vitality. Look and feel your best.
Marshfield, MO, 65706
417-501-9191 (Cory); 573-528-6559 (Mary)

[Presentation by: Mary Rowe, Cory Whittaker, Rebekah Anglin, Alphy International, Medicinal Mushrooms] The Power of Medicinal Mushrooms

Ozark Wickless, Scentsy

Smith Tayeilor
Hand Cream and candle melts.
Nixa, MO
262-745-1537; 417-593-4693



Eckankar Center of Springfield

Sue Heithaus, Jack Heninger
Learn more about your true spiritual nature, and experience greater divine love.
1722 S Glenstone Avenue, Suite J Room A, Springfield, MO, 65804

[Presentation by: Sue Heithaus, Jack Heninger, Eckankar Center of Springfield] “Sound of Soul”.

Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc.

Nancy Vernon
New Age / Metaphysical, Spiritual Books.
PO Box 754, Huntsville, AR, 72740
479-738-2348; 1-800-935-0045

N8 Essentials by Pam

Pam Mosier
Essential oils DIY projects.
Ozark, MO, 65721

[Presentation by: Pam Mosier, N8 Essentials] “Using Essential Oils” DIY projects made using oils.


Kim Totten with Pat Van Holten
Norwex is truly green cleaning by using only water; company also focuses on reducing waste from production through delivery; utilizes recycled materials as much as possible as well; organic; plant based enzymes; no chemicals!!!
Stafford and Springfield, MO
417-839-6577; 417-839-4815


Mary Houston
What woman doesn’t feel good wearing beautiful jewelry. Magnabilities is also customizable by uploading your own pictures. Priceless!
Joplin, MO


Elizabeth Damman
Beauty products.

CREAVA School of Arts

Ann Cobb, Neisha Whitaker, Debbie Wilson
Pottery, Art forms, wheel thrown pottery demo. Creativity is a healing process. Working and expressing the inner self thru art, pottery, crafts & music is a healing process.
1667 E. St. Louis St., Springfield, MO
417-880-3531; 417-343-1781

[Presentation by: Ann Cobb, Neisha Whitaker, Debbie Wilson, CREAVA School of Arts] “The Healing Power of Creativity”

Doterra Essential Oils

Shelly Cox
Pierce City, MO

[Presentation by: Shelly Cox, Doterra Essential Oils] “How Do You Want To Feel?” Essential oils for emotional health.

Oneness Now, LLC

Lisa Ziebell
Energy healing sessions & Divinely Energized Candles. Shamanic Practitioner of the Peruvian/Incan Energy Medicine cosmology assisting others on their spiritual path of healing and integration/unification with their divinity so they may bring their Divine Expression into the physical.
Springfield, MO

Intuitive Readings & Book Signing

Renee Johanna
Prescott, AZ

DNA’s Food Service

Adam Cowden
Full Service Restaurant on Wheels specializing in Smoked BBQ! Catering & Special Events.
Facebook: DNA's Food Service 40 ft food truck

The Green Earth & Peaceful Diversity Society

Sue Skidmore
Panel Discussion: Moderator Drew Holt-Watersheds of the Ozarks, Jessie Janet Gleason Haworth-Master Naturalist, Shelley Vangine-Master Gardner, Bruce Snavely-Ozark Beekeeping Association and Brian Edmunds-Native Plant Society T. The Green Earth & Peaceful Diversity Society.

[Presentation by: Sue Skidmore, The Green Earth & Peaceful Diversity Society] Film: The Vanishing of the Bees, “Bee aware, Bee Protective” film and panel discussion may range many questions especially how can we make and certify Springfield yards into safe Bee and Pollinator Habitat Springfield, Missouri.


Becky Murphy
Candle holders and fragrance candles.
Seymore, MO

Colorstreet; Tammy Gross

Large inventory of nails.

Emotion Code, Gurgles Are Good, LLC

Merry Yeager
Springfield, MO

[Presentation by: Merry Yeager, Gurgles Are Good, LLC, Emotion Code] Gurgles Are Good, LLC, Merry Yeager, “Emotional Healing” Describing the process of how we process trapped emotions and why we need to embrace positive feedback.

Botanical Travelors

Brendon Fields and Bryan Waters
American Shaman CBD.
Merriam, Kansas


Barbara McCalley
Exogenous Ketone supplement. Putting you bodi into Ketosis in under 60 minutes so your body is burning fat for fuel.
Nixa, MO

Rural Royalty Jewelry Company

Melissa Clunn
Natural healing stones from the earth for health and healing.
Ava, MO
sagerivermom@gmail.com; ruralroyalty417@gmail.com

Animal Communicator/medium

Catherine Hughes
15 min reading/$20. People can bring picture of their animal, living or living in spirit.
St. Louis, MO
http://www.catherinehughes.net/; http://www.coolaideclinic.com/

Prime My Body

Jan Wilbers
Natural healing with CBD oil (No THC). Helps repair over 250 things in the body naturally.
Jefferson City, MO

[Presentation by: Prime My Body, Jan Wilbers] “What CBD Oil Can Do For You” How this oil is helping people with an array of issues, such as pain, anxiety, depression, arthritis, migraines, inflammation, dementia, just to name a few.

Channeled Readings

Dino Athan
Channeled readings, Angel Activations, ghost removal, channeled music for balancing chakras.
Leawood, Kansas

School of Metaphysics

Brian Hoover, Director
Books about dreams, other metaphysical reading material. Devon Westpheling School of Metaphysics,”Revolutionize!” There is a need to shatter the confining paradigms of old. Mind and matter will revolutionize! Be there.
1033 E. Sunshine Street, Springfield, MO, 65807
417-831-0955 (school); 417-827-6286 (Mike)

[Presentation by: Brian Hoover, Director, School of Metaphysics] “The Elusive Ego” Learn to identify parts of thinking (ego) that unknowingly act against you by talking to you all day thus building-up a separate sense of you. An unidentified ego will produce confusion and pain in ones life. Learn how we can identify the ego parts of mind and use the tools given to diminish its residency.

Dr. Jason and Stacey Back

With WellSpring School of Allied Health, 229 E. Commercial Street, Springfield, MO 65803, 417-863-7682, www.wellspring.edu.
Kristen Rokke, Campus Director Denelle Pantleo, LMT, Massage Therapy Program Manager,
Stacey Back, LMT, Student Clinic Manager, Massage Therapy Program, Terrah Newberry, CMA (AAMA), Medical Assisting Program Manager, WellSpring School of Allied Health offers certificate programs in Massage Therapy and Medical Assisting at its Springfield Campus.
WellSpring is recognized as an industry leader in allied health and wellness. We’ve helped thousands of students learn more than a vocation. They’ve become true wellness professionals who are highly valued by both employers and clients. WellSpring is invested in the success of our students, as we offer continuous career services through providing referrals, job leads and extensive opportunities for continuing education. WellSpring massage therapy students offer 60 and 90-minute massages in the student clinic. The clinic schedule varies, but massage appointments are typically offered mornings, afternoons, evenings and Saturdays.
stacey.back@wellspring.edu; gentletouchnaturalhealth@gmail.com

[Presentation by: Dr. Jason and Stacey Back] “Connect To Your Positive Influence”

T.O.P.S. Taking Off Pounds Sensibly

Tim Mallard and Sandy Chamberlain
Springfield, MO
417-496-0380/417-833-0837; 417-351-1350
truckinducks@hotmail.com; chamberlain2889@HH.net

Renewal by Anderson

Tristan Dorsey and Sheena Yokum
Providing a green certified window that helps your home be more energy efficient.
Springfield, MO
417-840-7703; 314-856-8473
tristan@rbaswmo.com; sheenn@rbastl.com

People and Pets Energetics

Mark A. Hernandez, Holistic Practitioner
On-site Body Code sessions (Dr. Bradley Nelson) and rounds of Advanced ASHWork (Rudy Hunter)
Chicago, IL
(English): http://www.peopleandpetsenergetics.com; (Spanish): http://www.elcodigodelcuerpo.com; Facebook: www.facebook.com/peopleandpetsenergetics

Mike Kremper; Health Coach

Springfield, MO

University of Nemenhah’s, Spirit Wind Natural Healing Ministries

Dr. Jonathan “Wellamotkin” Landis, Dr. Phillip “Cloudplier” Landis
Comprehensive naturopathic/natural health care services, whole health and wellness assessments, Holistic Indigenous Traditional and spiritual and emotional counseling, general health education, and training in Apothecary Mastery(beyond Master Herbology)
1950 S Glenstone Suite F, Springfield, MO, 65804
info@spiritwindnhn.org; nemenhahpress@gmail.com

Aura Photos with Loving Rose

Have you ever wondered what color is your aura? Would you like to know if it’s changed since your last picture? Here’s your chance to find out when Loving Rose brings her aura camera to the Natural Healing Arts Fair! The picture comes with a personal interpretation and 4-pages of information. To learn more about Loving Rose and aura photography, visit AskLoving.com or call 618-236-5883.

Yakir Ehud


CreativeMind HappySoul

Tiffany Sand
Local Intuitive Artist helping others to heal themselves through art classes, Mandala art, other handmade art and jewelry.
PO Box 175, Fair Grove, MO, 65748

Mandy Stevens


Energy in Motion The Natural Healing Center, LLC, Health & Wellness, Springfield, MO

Emmale sells Standard Process. Check out these awesome products at www.standardprocess.com.

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